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Does your writing prompt feel wordy? Break it down to think about what the assignment is asking. #WritingTip #UICWC

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What is the Writing Center anyway?

The Writing Center helps students with course assignments, personal statements, resumes — you name it. Schedule an appointment and get 45 minutes of individual attention on your writing for free.

How to get started

Register on our online scheduler. Pick a time that is convenient. We are in Grant Hall 105 (next to Douglas and Lincoln), open Monday through Friday. When you come, let the desk person know your name. Your tutor will meet you and you will be on track for becoming a better writer.

How does it help?

All of us benefit from a little feedback, whether we are getting started or adding finishing touches. We help with writer’s block, assignment prompts, brainstorming, organization, making connections with readings, word choice, and sentence revision.

Need help?

Need help making an appointment? Call us during business hours: 312-413-2206. Having trouble? Write the director, Vainis Aleksa. Had a great session? We love feedback!

What can expect when I come?

You and the tutor will begin by choosing priorities. You can expect tutors to treat your questions with care and respect. Tutors provide options, resources, and support for making improvements. Of course, the final responsibility for revising assignments remains with you.

Tips & Tricks

Tips on using our scheduler. You can schedule with the same tutor for additional appointments, get on a waiting list, work online, and more...


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February 10, 2016

English vs. Bio

Oana Manta, senior in English, enjoys binge watching good shows, ice skating, and supporting the Blackhawks. Oana studied biological sciences before switching over to English. She shares the differences between writing for these two disciplines and explains that these different writing styles may not necessarily be polar opposites. During my first three years at UIC, I was a biological sciences major. This meant that most of my writing was composed of research papers and lab reports. Writing for the sciences […]
December 5, 2015

The Girl Who Says No

Danya Ata, senior in teaching of English, enjoys reading and watching Netflix when she’s not tutoring at the Writing Center or working the front desk. This semester has been busy at the WC, and Danya shares her experiences with telling writers that there are no tutors available. Although our sessions get booked two weeks in advance, we encourage you drop in anyway. The school administration has provided more support to the WC so that more students will be able to […]
November 25, 2015
Turkey Tom

Turkey Tom

Justin Thomas, senior in biological sciences, shares the story of how Turkey Tom came to grace the Writing Center with his presence just in time for Thanksgiving. Read more here: “They call me the Ernest Hemingway of turkey writing.” -Justin Thomas There is always that one in the flock; yes, the one who makes every turkey out there stop and stare. Now whether that stare is a stare of ridicule or joy may be subjective to the viewer. This turkey […]

The Writing Center


A Note from the Director

Why is writing so hard? It seems it shouldn't be – we are writing more than ever, starting younger; we are never far from a phone or computer were we can send a message, write a reminder, respond to a post.

But academic writing is different. It is neither generated nor read quickly; it includes extensive reading and research; and it aims to engage a tough audience, one that will consider our evidence, claims, and sources critically.

It helps when we realize that academic writing is supposed to be hard. Even the most successful authors tell us that despite the rewards, the process of writing is difficult and time consuming.

The good news is that this process can be broken down into small steps that can be learned. I takes time, of course. But the other good news is that no one has to go at it alone. That is what the Writing Center is for: a place where you can get support for meeting the challenge of writing one step at a time.

Writing is worth the effort. It is through writing that our education becomes more meaningful. It helps us think through complex issues carefully. What we learn as we write we retain for a lifetime. And of course, if we write often, we become better communicators – better at choosing the right word, at making each sentence count, at persuading others to take our ideas seriously.

Our hope is that every UIC student has an opportunity to visit the Writing Center. Not only can you learn about writing, you will also get to know another student, one who will treat your efforts and ideas with respect and offer you options for making your writing better.

When you come to the Writing Center, be sure also to stop by my office. Chances are, I will be writing something myself – and will be glad to take a break from that difficult task to say hi :)

Dr. Vainis Aleksa,
Director, UIC Writing Center